Shazam (Captain Marvel)

Name: William Joseph “Billy” Batson
Profession : Student
Alter ego (Aliases) : Shazam (formerly as Captain Marvel)
: SuperHero
Gender : Male
Power : Power of Shazam, Superhuman Strength,Superhuman Durability,Superhuman Speed ,Superhuman Agility,
Power inherited from : Plant god Urzkartaga
Ability :Smooth Talker
Weekness: Electricity , Speech Impediment , High Order Magic
Paraphernalia(tools) : Historama
Archenemy(Rivalri) :  Doctor Sivana, Black Adam , Mister Mind.
Birth Place : Human
Team : Justice Leage
Comic World : Detective Comics (DC)

Shazam :
S – Wisdom of Solomon
H – Strength of Hercules
A – Stamina of Atlas:
Z – Power of Zeus:
A – Courage of Achilles
M – Speed of Mercury

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